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Forklifts for Sale

Deep South Equipment offers both new and used forklifts for sale and rent. Browse our online inventory of used forklifts for sale here.

Electric Rider Forklifts (Class I) For Rent

  • Yale ERC050VG
  • Yale ESC030-40AC
  • Yale ERCO30-40AC
  • Yale ERP035VT
  • Hyster E30-65XN
  • Hyster E40HSD2
  • Hyster J35XNT
  • Hyster UT20PTE

Electric Narrow Aisle Forklifts (Class II) For Rent

  • Yale NR035DB
  • Yale O3030BF
  • Hyster N45ZR2
  • Hyster R30XM3
  • Hyster N40ZR
  • Hyster N40ZRS2

Electric Hand Trucks (Class III) For Rent

  • Yale M025
  • Yale MPE060-VG
  • Yale MPB045VG
  • Yale MTR700
  • Hyster B60ZHD-AC
  • Hyster LO2.5
  • Hyster W45ZHD

Cushion Tire Forklifts ICE (Class IV) For Rent

  • Hyster S30-40FT
  • Hyster S40-70FT
  • Hyster S80-120FTS / PRS
  • Hyster S135-S155FT
  • Yale GC030-070VX

Pneumatic Tire Forklift ICE (Class V) For Rent

  • Hyster H30-40FTS
  • Hyster H40-70FT
  • Hyster H40-60XT
  • Hyster H80-120FT
  • Hyster H135-155FT
  • Yale GP030-040VX
  • Yale GP040-070VX
  • Yale GP040-070MX
  • Yale GP080-120VX

Pnuematic Tire Jumbo (Big) Trucks ICE (Class IV) For Rent

  • Hyster H170-280HD2
  • Hyster H300-360HD2
  • Hyster H360-48HD2
Deep South Equipment JCB

Why Rent?

Whether you have seasonal spikes, an unexpected breakdown or need to fill a gap, renting is a great short- or long-term solution. No matter your industry, Deep South Equipment’s rental fleet of over 250 vehicles has what you need.

Deep South Equipment Commercial Industrial Trucks

Our Rental Program

Deep South Equipment offers affordable short- and long-term rental options at all our locations. Our rental fleet includes vehicles with lift capacities up to 36,000 pounds and can take on any job with a broad range of lift height, fuel type and tire combinations.