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Electric Rider Forklifts (Class I) For Rent

  • Yale ERC050VG
  • Yale ESC030-40AC
  • Yale ERCO30-40AC
  • Yale ERP035VT
  • Hyster E30-65XN
  • Hyster E40HSD2
  • Hyster J35XNT
  • Hyster UT20PTE

Electric Narrow Aisle Forklifts (Class II) For Rent

  • Yale NR035DB
  • Yale O3030BF
  • Hyster N45ZR2
  • Hyster R30XM3
  • Hyster N40ZR
  • Hyster N40ZRS2

Electric Hand Trucks (Class III) For Rent

  • Yale M025
  • Yale MPE060-VG
  • Yale MPB045VG
  • Yale MTR700
  • Hyster B60ZHD-AC
  • Hyster LO2.5
  • Hyster W45ZHD

Cushion Tire Forklifts ICE (Class IV) For Rent

  • Hyster S30-40FT
  • Hyster S40-70FT
  • Hyster S80-120FTS / PRS
  • Hyster S135-S155FT
  • Yale GC030-070VX

Pneumatic Tire Forklift ICE (Class V) For Rent

  • Hyster H30-40FTS
  • Hyster H40-70FT
  • Hyster H40-60XT
  • Hyster H80-120FT
  • Hyster H135-155FT
  • Yale GP030-040VX
  • Yale GP040-070VX
  • Yale GP040-070MX
  • Yale GP080-120VX

Pnuematic Tire Jumbo (Big) Trucks ICE (Class IV) For Rent

  • Hyster H170-280HD2
  • Hyster H300-360HD2
  • Hyster H360-48HD2

Why Rent?

Whether you have seasonal spikes, an unexpected breakdown or need to fill a gap, renting is a great short- or long-term solution. No matter your industry, Deep South Equipment’s rental fleet of over 250 vehicles has what you need.

Our Rental Program

Deep South Equipment offers affordable short- and long-term rental options at all our locations. Our rental fleet includes vehicles with lift capacities up to 36,000 pounds and can take on any job with a broad range of lift height, fuel type and tire combinations.